Monday, November 7, 2011

A new apprentice

A couple of weeks ago my kid started talking about Skyrim out of the blue.  She told me that some kids at school were talking about it and she really wanted to play.  Needless to say, we started watching videos about the game, just getting all hyped up about, much to the dismiss of her mother.  Last Friday I came home from work, she gave me a hug and said "7 days to Skyrim", which I thought was awesome.  

Anyway, this weekend I installed Oblivion on another computer for her and she played for the first time.  She chose a Female Redguard warrior, then got out there in the world to start her adventure.  Now what I found particularly hilarious was what she decided to do first.  She randomly went to Anvil and started walking around town, next thing I know she killed a guy in his house and started to steal everything.  I told her about the law and gave her some pointers and she immediately went back at it.  By the end of the day, she was stealing everything, all the while being a warrior with subpar thieving skills.  

It was a great time watching her live her life of crime and I know, because she won't stop talking about it, that she is looking forward to confiscating more loot next weekend.  Good times.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is my first thought on a thief build I will be using.  I want to find good items fast and be able to move them fast, hence the speech.  Also, I like the thought of investing, I just hope it works sort of like Fable.

Sneak - 10
stealth x5
deadly aim x1
assassin's blade x1
muffled movements x1
lightfoot x1
shadow warrior x1

Pickpocket - 8
Lightfingers x5
extra pockets x1
misdirection x1
perfect touch x1

Lockpicking - 9
lockpick x5
golden touch x1
treasure hunter x1
locksmith x1
unbreakable x1

Speech -9
Haggling x5
Investor x1
Merchent x1
Fence x1
Master Trader x1

Archery - 9
Overdraw x5
Steady hand x2
Quickshot x1
Hunter's Discipline x1

One handed - 5
armsman x5

Friday, November 4, 2011

The future

This blog will be the journey of my Argonian Thief in the land of Skyrim.  As you can see, I posted up a backstory on my character.  Now I'm not a roleplayer, so most of this will not be in character.  I'll just talk about the things I steal, the people I kill and the general adventures I have.  

As you can see from the title of this blog, I am interested in the economy, especially since I heard you can effect it in positive and negative ways.  I'm also very curious at how my tendency to steal has a effect on the Radiant storytelling.  Thievery won't be my only activity, it just happens to be my passion.  

As far as the format of the blog, it will be a constant project.  Once the game comes out and I have some pics, I'll update the page. 

Anyway, 1 week from day should be very eventful and I look forward to sharing and reading other people's adventures.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

First day on the job

Name: Argoham Linclon
Race: Agronian
Gender: Male
Age: 35

Style: Stealth focusing on archery, with an emphasis on thievery. He uses a small amount of illusion magic to help conceal and distract. He wears leather and scale to strength his natural scale. He is practiced in the alchemical arts in order to inflict his opponents with the deadliest toxins.

Psychology Profile: Chaotic good. Born and raised in the swamps, he has an overall good heart and he’ll do what it takes help the little guys. He has no respect for law, authority or governing powers. I real man lives and dies by the strength of his own hands and doesn’t need a committee to tell him what he can and cannot do. He defends the borders of the Black Marsh because it’s the right thing to do, not because he was ordered too. His family means everything to him.

Background: Argoham grew up in one of the many villages of the Argonian culture. He lived, he loved and he learned the ways of his people. As a child, he never longed for adventure, just the quiet life of raising his own hatchlings. Living on the Northern borders made that a hard life to imagine. By the age of 12, Argoham was learning the trade in guerilla warfare to protect the borders from the Dunmer slavers. He learned the art of stealth and assassination, but never relished in the killing, only the thought that for every Dunmer that stopped breathing, another Argonian child would grow to an old age. At 18, he met his wife and started the family he always wanted. Over the following years, his family grew, however he became more and more disillusioned by the will of the elders. They increasingly wanted to push into Morrowind to attack the Dunmer and their families, under the reasoning of protecting the young. To Argoham it felt like revenge and he wanted nothing to do with it. To protect the borders is honorable work for good folk, but to attack means you are now no different than the enemy. This lead to him and his families isolation from the tribes. They lived their lives on their own, with Argoham providing for his family and still protecting the borders. On his 32nd birthday, he was returning home from a hunt when he discovered his home infested with Dunmer and Nord slavers. With his family in chains, he flew into a rage and attacked the nearest enemies. To this day, he doesn’t know what hit him or how he survived. When he awoke, his family was gone, his home destroyed, everything he knew was gone. Since that day he has been searching for his missing family with only a blurred memory of a banner waving in the wind. The insignia is burned into his mind forever. The sign of the firestorm, the raging world killer. Alduin. The journey has taken him through Morrowind, and Cryodiil, and now finally to Skyrim, where his family is waiting his return.