Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is my first thought on a thief build I will be using.  I want to find good items fast and be able to move them fast, hence the speech.  Also, I like the thought of investing, I just hope it works sort of like Fable.

Sneak - 10
stealth x5
deadly aim x1
assassin's blade x1
muffled movements x1
lightfoot x1
shadow warrior x1

Pickpocket - 8
Lightfingers x5
extra pockets x1
misdirection x1
perfect touch x1

Lockpicking - 9
lockpick x5
golden touch x1
treasure hunter x1
locksmith x1
unbreakable x1

Speech -9
Haggling x5
Investor x1
Merchent x1
Fence x1
Master Trader x1

Archery - 9
Overdraw x5
Steady hand x2
Quickshot x1
Hunter's Discipline x1

One handed - 5
armsman x5

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